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NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale TEACHER Informant Teacher s Name Class Time Class Name/Period Today s Date Child s Name Grade Level Directions Each rating should be considered in the context of what is appropriate for the age of the child you are rating and should reflect that child s behavior since the beginning of the school year. Please indicate the number of weeks or months you have been able to evaluate the behaviors. Is this evaluation based on a time when the child was on medication...
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Hi Robin rollin tier whip transitional services of Iowa today I wanted to go ahead and go over some assessment tools that we use when diagnosing the clients okay so what we have here is the Vanderbilt assessment and we have two pages I want to go ahead and go over it what you're going to do is go ahead and hand this to the parent to fill out oftentimes I'm seeing people can this to the children nope this is for an adult to fill out it says that each rating should be considered in the context of what is appropriate for the age of your child when completing this form please think about your child's behaviors in the past six months so what I want to kind of go over with scoring this today is what we have here is items 1 through 9 and this is the yellow section these are measuring hyperactivity impulsive behaviors then we have the items 10 through 18 which is measuring the inattentive items now to be able to score in the the realm of ADHD you need to have six responses in to either of the nine inattentive or the nine hyperactivity items or both and a score of four or five on any other point performance items the point items are going to find on the bottom right here this is showing that they're having difficulty with their relationships or we have his overall school performance reading writing math relationship with parents relationship with siblings relationship with peers and participation in activities so what we have is a Likert scale one through five with excellent above average average some little problem and problematic to be able to score anything on the Vanderbilt we need to have at least one one would be a minimal issue though at least one and the 45 range so when scoring and looking at this we are looking at primarily scores that are in the two and three range if they are in the 01 and a few tues that's within normal limits we don't need to really focus a lot of our attention in our treatment planning and our goals for one and twos we really are looking at the threes and if there's a significant amount of two's those items we need to observe and look into team through 26 and these are going to be oppositional defiant screen there must be at least a score a two or three on four of the eight items the subscale and the score four to five on the purple the performance I'm in other words you need to look at your performance item there's always needs to be a 45 def so when you're looking at possible diagnosis of oppositional defiant you're going to want to see at least four of the eight items in 19 through 26 that are going to be scored a two or three now for conduct disorder or conduct disorder screening you're going to look at item is 27 through 40 and those are going to be these bottom ones that I have in the light blue 27 and it goes to the top of the second page here and these are going to be your conduct screen you're going to want to see twos or threes on at least a minimum of three out of the 14 items on this subscale and again you're...